There are countless presentation web applications and software options. In this post, I limit myself to three that I have some experience using. I’ve also ┬áincluded comments from other reviewers to provide a more balanced perspective.

1. Emaze

EmazeHere’s a review.

My thoughts: Emaze is an online resource for anyone looking to make a professional, impressive presentation. I have to admit that I Prezi had lost its appeal a while ago and PowerPoint’s free templates fall short of interesting. Emaze is much smoother than either of the other options. It’s a bargain at $2.90 per month for educators and students.
The drawback: the free account only comes with 12 presentations and they are public for anyone to view.

2. Microsoft PowerPoint

imagesHere’s a review.

My thoughts: PowerPoint is still a staple for any presenter and as of late, I have discovered it comes with some pretty sweet add ons if you know where to look. Additionally, those boring old templates that are so overused. Cringe-worthy, right? As it turns out, those ten dollar templates are worth your while. I still have to play with PowerPoint a lot more.

A few pointers: Use “Control + K” to embed hyperlinks with ease. One of my colleagues, Christina Baukus, pointed out this timeline add on, which I absolutely love. You can create beautiful timelines for whatever you want. Thank you Christina!

The drawback: There is a pretty learning curve if you want to do the really advanced stuff. It requires some toying with to get solid results.

3. Prezi


Here’s an exhaustive review.

My thoughts: Prezi is my least favorite right now. It’s not really interactive whiteboard compatible–I have had to click the board multiple times to get it to respond. It does have a lot of functionalities that are intuitive. There is virtually no learning curve, and the paths you can design really keep you on your toes.

The drawback: It’s not as smooth of a presentation on the interactive whiteboard as Emaze or PowerPoint.

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