My favorite EdTech Thinker this week is Linda Ashida (@Ashida_Linda on twitter). Hailing from Illinois, she can be relied on for great content. She holds a  BA in Spanish, MEd in Curriculum and Instruction and MA in Spanish Language and Linguistics. If you ever feel like you are in need of an EdTech fix, her twitter account or site is a good place to start.  You can learn more about her by perusing her professional tech portfolio.

On Her Bookshelf

Linda recently responded to one of my tweets. I’d asked what books had influenced her thinking about learning and education. She mentioned a couple of recent reads that I will share with you here. She found Tony Wagner’s “Creating Innovators” profitable. The work got her thinking about how the idea of play, passion and purpose can change learning experiences. The perspective and examples got her excited about possibilities for further growth. The second influential piece, “Reality is Broken” by Jane McGonigal, interested her because it discussed the power feedback has on student engagement, motivation and learning. It inspired her to re-energize her own efforts to provide feedback to students.


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