Ever wonder how apps are changing the way we learn? TeachThought has been too. In this piece, the TeachThought staff reviews “20 of the Best Study Apps for the Plugged-in Student.” They argue, “studying isn’t just about content, it’s also about a comfortable student being able to save time, streamline processes, and focus on the task at hand.”

Of the twenty listed, Written? Kitten! is the most entertaining. Japanese entrepreneurs developed the  app because they believe we can all be more productive learners if we set goals and once we reach them, we get a pic of a cute kitten for our viewing pleasure. For more serious students, Strict Overflow has a similar premise and is compatible with Google Chrome. Strict Overflow requires you to focus for twenty five, productive minutes before rewarding you with a five minute break to surf the web. A University of Melbourne study backs up the app’s premise with its findings that workers are more productive if they are allowed some leisure time to browse the web.

Zite and CamScanner also sound promising. Zite has a similar premise to Pulse. If your familiar with Pulse, you know that it is a news streaming app that allows you to see content from multiple sites in a single app. Zite is similar, except it can pull from blogs, websites and Twitter too. The app tracks the content you like and will “learn” from your history to provide content more likely to interest you. CamScanner is the only app I know of that allows users to take pictures of handwritten notes, whiteboards, receipts and bills and convert them .pdfs for easier viewing on laptops and desktops. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve taken a picture of a document and struggled to read it later.


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