Perhaps the most promising organization I stumbled on this week, is Common Sense Media. Common Sense Media and its edtech/education arm Graphite promote digital literacy. Have you heard of either organizations? I hadn’t. Their focus is on helping teachers and students to critically engage with online media. The argument being that digital literacy is necessary for the next generation of citizens, digital natives and technophiles.

Graphite has in depth reviews of apps and websites, resources organized by subject and standard, app flows that helps teachers integrate technology with lesson plans and they regularly update a blog with their favorite resources. It’s a one-stop shop for your educational technology needs.

Common Sense Media (Wikipedia entry) has a Digital Literacy and Citizenship curriculum for educators and everything is free. There is a certification process for teachers and for schools. It seems really promising. Common Sense Media counts Harvard among its long list of reputable partners. It’s on my to-do list–that’s for sure.

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