Have you heard of EDpuzzle? I certainly hadn’t until I came across an article on the EdTechReview that mentioned the site. Ruth Valle of the Ed Tech Review relates her personal experience with the platform. Give it a gander if you have a few minutes after reading this post.

One of my fellow educators, Nick Mills, who used EdPuzzle for the first time in the classroom reported that it engaged students in a much more effective way than other tech-based video platforms. He says, “It changes their experience from passively watching a video in class and answering questions to each student actively engaging with the video, answering questions electronically, and progressing at their own pace. It helps make them pay more attention because they want to watch the rest of the video.”

The feedback EDpuzzle provides summary statistics on each students performance. A separate breakdown that covers the class’s performance as a whole in response to each question. Both functionalities allow you to seamlessly track students and identify areas that need further attention.

Nick Mills concluded our interview by adding, “I can see myself using it as a resource for students who are visual learners when I cover more technical and complicated ideas. For instance, I have a section on DNA replication and transcription coming up that students may need more help to understand fully.”

Bonus: Customer service is excellent. Quim Sabrià, founder and CEO, emailed me right after I registered asking if I had any questions or if I had any feedback on the site. He responded to my questions rapid fire (within twenty minutes). He also has two articles in HuffPo.

Drawbacks: You can’t download videos and you can’t crop out the middle part of a video. Playback can get stuck if WiFi connection isn’t strong enough (downloading would fix this issue).

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