10427698_947968331883609_3399790220208045201_nPossibly the only person in my corner of the Connecticut who loves writing poetry, teaching mathematics and literature, and working with small businesses. I am currently pursuing these passions as chair of the Canterbury Economic Development Commission, a Sacred Heart University graduate student and Norwich Free Academy teaching intern. I earned my BA from Wesleyan University in the Spring of 2014, my MAT from Sacred Heart University in the Summer of 2015 and anticipate completing my second BA from Southern New Hampshire University in the Summer of 2016.

I teach Geometry College Prep, Honors Geometry and Advanced Placement Calculus AB at Putnam High School. Most of my day is spent in the classroom with students. Recently, I’ve been collecting data on student performance and am excited to investigate the impact of my instructional practices on learning outcomes.

In my spare time, I have been chasing down edtech platforms and resources. I tweet my findings regularly. Please share your favorite resources with me via email or twitter. Check my site for reviews and updates.

If you’re interested in reading more about my education, experience and public service work, please see my résumé.