“Learning is not an individual act. It’s a social act.” –David Kelly, Director of the Blue School

I believe that learning is indeed a social act. High expectations, effective procedures and sound classroom management practices establish a supportive learning space. As David Kelly tells us, it’s our responsibility as educators to break down the barriers between students of different cultural backgrounds and disparate peer groups, and collaborate with students to advance their studies. Students, with the proper support and encouragement, can thrive in the classroom.

Classroom management, at its best, fosters a safe and intriguing learning environment for students. The goal of my classroom management plan (coming soon) is to create structure and clarify expectations for my students. Because students will understand my expectations of them, they can command my complete attention and hold me to a higher standard as well. I strive to engage all of my students and make them feel comfortable with taking risks, embracing their mistakes and testing new ideas.